Remember when Trey parker and Matt stone went to the oscars in dresses and whenever anyone asked about it they would avoid the question with ‘it’s such a magical evening and everyone just looks so spectacular we’re glad to be a part of it all’ and they were on Acid the whole time.


fucking amazing 

hey, I read your tags... and I have a question... how hard do you ship Melix? (:

Melix > Life

"can you gif the one part of the cupcake challenge where pewds leans over and kisses marzia’s head? thanks xxx" - requested by Anonymous

“In the English language there are orphans and widows, but there is no word for the parent who loses a child.”
can you gif the one part of the cupcake challenge where pewds leans over and kisses marzia's head? thanks xxx

right-o! It’s added to the list :)

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Hello, you may already know one of my biggest friends in the whole world: Berina. (or sassypewds here on tumblr) She’s planning to leave the Tumblr community because her beautiful creations, that she spent hours and hours making, never get noticed by pewdie or marziacutiepie. Don’t say she’s over-reacting, because this is a huge deal for her. She’s one of few things that make me happy nowadays and I really, really don’t want her to leave me or any of us. So, please, reblog or like if you appreciate everything Berina makes and all the time she puts in to them. Or message her and tell her how much she matters. 

Berina, if you’re reading this; I and many other will miss you and all your lovely creations. 


You know what? I’m so freaking mad right now. I’m done with this blog. I spent an hour making that gifset, I posted it first,first of all the blogs here on tumblr and not matter what I do Felix NEVER EVER reblogs my gifs. I’m not going to gif stuff anymore. There’s around 35 of queue left . I’m done with this blog.


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Sally Mcsagtits. 

I truly tried. That may be where I went wrong drawing this

Really hope Pewds uses her when he does the Sims 4 gameplay. 

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i just tweeted this to the pornhub twitter account

now let’s wait and see